Sent:  January 22, 2011,

Seeking relief from head and neck pain that was about to ruin my girl's weekend in Rhode Island, I found Jason at Healing Arts Professionals, Just by chance, he happened to be available that afternoon on short notice. What a godsend, finding him was! He told me that after our 1 hour session I would be headache-free. Indeed, he was correct. Not just for the afternoon, but for almost a week, after battling constant headaches for over 2 weeks! I'm so glad I found Structural Integration and plan to continue this type of therapy back home here in Raleigh. Thank you, Jason, for saving a visitor in distress!" 
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Sent:  May 23, 2011

For thirty-five plus years, I had been riding and racing motorcycles and bicycles in addition to skiing in the winter.  As you can imagine I have taken a number of tumbles over the years that more than likely altered my anatomical structure.  Combine these activities with my job working on computers for over twenty-five years and the resultant poor postural habits, and this lead to a “perfect storm” of structural deterioration.
About five years ago, while placing an extreme focus on long-distance road cycling, my body had finally had enough.  I could barely ride twenty miles without realizing significant pain in my neck and shoulders.  At my worst point, I couldn’t even do ten push-ups or hold a plank position without experiencing unreasonable discomfort.
As a result, I went on a multi-year medical odyssey to identify the source of my pain and then to find a solution.  In my journey, I saw multiple doctors of physical medicine, chiropractors, acupuncturists and deep tissue massage therapists.  The best that any of these professionals could provide was a limited period of relief.  I had to give up road cycling and limit activities that placed stress on my neck and shoulders.
I was beginning to give up hope of finding a solution to my problem, until I came across a site on Kinesis Myofascial Integration from a web search.  This led me to Jason in the hopes that he would be able to provide some level of relief.  After approximately twenty sessions, I can unequivocally state that Jason has provided me with the sustainable solution that I had been searching for over this lengthy period of time.
With his knowledge of anatomical structures and biomechanics, along with his ability to synthesize information from a physical and visual evaluation into a comprehensive holistic therapeutic strategy, he was able to complete a structural transformation that I would not have believed possible less than a year ago.  Jason is a perfectionist and that’s the type of individual I wanted to give me the best chance at success.  If you have been on a similar journey and have found limited relief, I would strongly recommend seeing Jason for an initial evaluation.  The transformation in my body structure has allowed me to get back on a bicycle and perform functions that would have normally given me much distress, and I owe Jason much gratitude for his commitment and expertise.  Thanks so much for all your help!
Jill Ouhrabka MS, RD, LDN, CHC

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